In 1999, at the initiative of ASI Nature Holding AG, the company ASI Nature SRL, owner of Harbach brand, was created.

A pioneer in organic farming, co-founder of one of the first ecological certification companies in Romania, Ecoinspect SRL, ASI Nature currently manages over 400 organically certified hectares.

The dairy factory is located in Țichindeal, Sibiu county, and the processed milk is collected from its own resources along the Hârtibaci Valley. This area is characterized by almost total lack of plows and the abundance of semi-natural lands - extensive grasslands and meadows. The landscape structure is mosaic, consisting in alternation of semi-natural areas with deciduous forests, which makes the biological diversity of the area very high.

In addition to this location, renowned for its dairy tradition, the use of 100% natural ingredients and the professionalism that characterizes us, have promoted our products in the top of the consumer choices on foreign markets, such as United States of America and the European Union.

check You can find us on the ANSVSA website, in the EU approved food establishments list for intra-Community trade.

check You can also find us on the list of environmentally certified processors, published on the MADR website.

In Harbach we trust!